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Intellectual Property and Technology Assets Management Services


IPT Alliance is a strategic partnership between three leading European firms in the field of  IP and Technology strategic and asset management services: Avenium ConsultingICM Advisors and Patev.


Fitting customer´s needs in global IP

IPT Alliance supports companies and organizations in exploiting the business value of their intellectual property and technology assets. Founded to fit customer’s needs in the global business IPT Alliance’s services support clients throughout the entire IP asset lifecycle with effective solutions. 

A unique European IP platform

By using the  IPT Alliance services, clients can rely upon a unique European   platform of know-how and services with about one hundred IP professionals specialized in a variety of industries and technology fields.  

IPT Alliance pools  in a structured way a wide range of experiences, methods, best practices and tools under one unique IP Management Practice. The alliance’s members jointly leverage  their professional’s  great expertise and collectively take advantage of their methods and IP management software. 

Covering the important European patent markets

With offices in Germany, France, Italy and Switzerland IPT Alliance covers the most important European patent markets. To meet economic, linguistic and cultural requirements throughout Europe,  United States and Asia IPT has established a  network of Subject Matter Experts and business partner in UK, Spain, Japan, Korea and the U.S.A. 

Large-termed clients portfolio

IPT Alliance’s members  are not only established and trusted, but are proven - our clients portfolio include many of the European largest corporations, Research Organizations, Industry Clusters, Financial Institutions, Universities and Government agencies. Clients choose us because they want a partner who provides superior IP and business expertise, quality of services and commitment to successful long term business relationships.  

Explore the IPT Alliance impact on competitiveness, financial value of IP assets, speed and quality of key IP strategic decisions, quality and costs of IP management processes.